Solidarity, not exclusion!

EU-citizens are being denied Hartz IV-benefits

For some weeks more and more non-german EU-citizens receive administrative letters from the Jobcenters. They are being told that they are denied Hartz IV-benefits (Arbeitslosegeld II, German welfare for the unemployed) and that they would not have any claims for these benefits in the future. The Jobcenters thus realize recent decisions by the German federal government. The government formulated a „reservation“ to the European Convention on Medical and Social Assistence (ECMSA) that was effective by the end of december 2011 und factually suspends the ECMSA. Many non-german EU-citizens are affected and deprived of their livelihood. Of course these existencial economical emergencies don‘t matter to the politicians. They talk about „uncontrolled immigration“ in „our“ social security systems which has to be stopped. These are populist and socially racist reasonings during a huge debt and economical crisis in Europe. Esspecially Germany and its export-oriented capital profits off this crisis!

The social security system in Germany is shut down for citizens from other EU states. We are not accepting this! Solidarity, not exclusion!

We hold meetings on a regular basis where we discuss what we can do against this together. If you want to participate visit: