Campaigning against the German reservation against the ECSMA

We are about to start off a campaign against the German reservation to the ECMSA. We demand solidarity, not exclusion! In the face of the deepest economic crisis since the 1920s Germany closes down its welfare system despite of being the biggest profiteer of the crisis. We call out for solidarity with the greek, portuguese, italien, spanish and the people from anywhere that suffer from this crisis! Real social change!

What can i do?

  • Fight back! Don‘t accept arbitrary acts by the authorities!
  • Inform your friends about this webpage and about their rights!
  • Help administer this webpage. We can always use translations. contact: efainfo AT
  • Help administer a facebook-group about this topic (to be founded)
  • Join the Zusammen Dagegen campaign in Berlin
  • You‘re an artist? Design a logo for a viral internet campaign